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When you are living in an apartment with limited space, there is only so much you can work around with. However, when it comes to your bedroom there is just that need to make it more personal than leaving it the way it is. So here are some designing ideas you could use to create that touch regardless of the limited space.


White is a shade that is always recommended to be used abundantly in spaces that are small. The reflection of light on this shade creates an illusion of a larger space, therefore, there is no real need for you to limit what you want to place in your room nor would you have to add details to create this illusion. The whiter the room is the lighter and airier it seems. To balance out and add extra touches you could add statement pieces of interesting patterns and shades while making the best use of the waterproof led strip lights installed as artificial lighting!

Limit the headboard space

It makes sense to have high ceilinged headboards or large patterned ones in a huge room, however, in a small room it is always best to shrink this detail. Keep it skinnier and shorter instead of huge and thick. Doing so would also save you a lot of money and space for other details! You could also hang aluminium channel led to an even more extra touch to the headboard!

Bed against the window

A trick to making things work in a small room is having the bed up against the window. Since wall space is limited and precious using this trick would create a natural focal point while making use of space effectively.

Customized headboard

A headboard doesn’t always have to be limited to the ordinary kinds that you are used. Instead you could customize your own in a way where it occupies other details like space to act as a nightstand, drawer space and whatnot.

Mounted lighting

Rather than having table lamps that take up space, find wall mounted lighting that you could use and avoid having to extra take up space in a limited area room.

Interesting wallpaper

One other interesting way of adding color to your small bedroom is to go crazy with the wallpaper. Look for those unique designs that are bright and bold and hang them up on your plain walls. This way you can create a jewel box effect in your small room and add personality and quirk in to it!

Make storage space

In a small room storage space is like a luxury therefore the best way to make up for it is by incorporating it in to the furniture. So look for those beds that come with drawers at the bottom or customize your beds with it to make up for the lack of space. Use the above tips in your small room and give it a well-deserved interesting touch while making the best use out of the limited space!