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Nomads To Too Materialistic Personalities

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You could see people adorned in office wears, casuals and 100 other varieties of dresses walking down the streets. They hate seeing each other’s face. Teens with headphones blasting music’s, paranoid people turning to see if someone is actually following them, guys giving that undressing stares to some nice looking girl or people looking at the odd dresser with adoration. You see so many of them on street, if you look into their life’s, there is no special reason for them to run and save thus hard. It will be so confusing to find why are these people regretting or fret over nothing to something seriously important. You might find a very serious looking student having a super stressed look who is probably worrying over the next exams whereas next to her, you can find her friend looking relatively relaxed and not too seriously affected by the thought of exams.

Who decided this kind of system for people? We are nomads who should be living a gypsy life. We were not designed for this stressful life which asked you to not just to worry about today but also future and use all those little to big storage units in Hamilton to save for future.

It is said that humans are the only loving beings that worry about the future and live for it. But, all other things do not. They follow the routines like they were biologically made to do it.

For example, how humans hit puberty on their own and how human females go through menopause? Similarly, it is beyond their control to withstand and not do that. Moreover, they are not human beings to act stupid acting their own instincts and feelings. They are brainy than we give them credit to.

Instead of storing for future, which is totally uncertain and may never come, learn live for today. Just today! This certainly does not mean that you are asked to live freely and when crisis strikes you will be left with nothing. You should save a considerable amount. Just do not over exert yourself over something which is not really important.

Sometimes take time to learn from nature, it teaches us better things than we can ever think of. Birds flock together when they are travelling long distance. We need people to travel long ways in our life. Penguins give the females a pebble that they see fit to hypnotise her and make her fall on love. They mate only once in life. We are also supposed to sweep our females off their feet and just not throw them down and break them but take sweet good care of them.