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Getting A New Job

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You have just walked into your office and have barely had time to sit down when your boss sends you an urgent message asking you to meet him at his office immediately. You rush into his office and find another visitor with him. The visitor happens to be your boss’s good friend and has come in search of a person for a job. Your boss sees the puzzled look on your face and tells you that his friend urgently wants a person with suitable qualifications for a job at one of his companies. Your boss also tells you that since you have the required qualifications for the job he wanted to check if you were willing to take up employment at his friend’s company.
Salary increment
Your boss’s friend offers you a salary increment with your new job and you cannot seem to find a way to refuse the offer. So you take up the job and report to work the following day to find that your boss’s friend owns a company that handles nursing home cleaning. You have being entrusted with the job of overlooking the work carried out by the employees and to even visit places where the employees carry out their work and check on what is going on. So you take up the challenge of the supervisor’s post and start getting familiar with the office work. You start checking on the work carried out by the company and realise that you have just joined a reputed company with many years of experience in the field. The company also has also won many service awards for the work carried out by them in the past.
Efficient staff You also find out that the nursing home cleaning company has an efficient staff and keeps a track record of all their clients and even pay them a visit from time to time to check if everything is ok. The company also has a good after hour service where customers can even call them in the night and ask them to come and tidy up a place that has being neglected for many months. You cannot believe the number of calls the company receives on a daily basis with regard to their services and how the staff handle so many places in one day.
Commitment and efficiency
Your new boss tells you that due to the commitment and reliable and efficient service carried out by the company they have managed to keep their clientele intact and even continue to get new clients on a daily basis.