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Things Need To Be Checked Before Booking A Service Suite


These days, an alternate of hotel rooms has been introduced by the hospitality and tourism industry. This alternative is the furnished flats, and this is getting popular among the travels because of its exclusive services and price.

People who have the plan to stay in the city for more than a week prefer to stay in these accommodations. However, in this page, we are not going to tell you, the facilities and charges of these flats, instead we are going to share some tips that you should follow while booking the furnished serviced apartments https://dashsuites.com/ like this.

  • Do not make booking without checking the pictures

The booking should be done only after checking the pictures of the accommodation from all the angles. And if you are booking bigger space, and then check pictures of every corner, this will give you some idea about the area of the flat; you can request the service provider to send pictures of adjacent areas as well. This will give you an idea about what is there at your next door.

  • Do not make complete payment online

If you are booking the apartment for the first time, then it is best to do the partial payment at the time of booking. This will give you security, suppose if you didn’t like the place after physically seeing it, then you will have the option of cancelation of booking (Although, it will not happen, because serviced apartments are the best in class). Though, during the booking cancelation, refund is not done. But, you will get saved from losing all your money, if you didn’t like the apartment or if it is not the same which was shown in the picture.

  • Check the reviews and stars

We always check the star and review of hotels, prior to booking. This gives us an idea about the facilities present at the hotel and the size of the hotel rooms. Similar to this, checking the star and review of short term apartment gives the idea about room size and facilities offered.

  • Do not make first booking in any serviced flat without confirmation

Serviced flats are just like the normal flats in the city, the only difference remains in it is, these flats come with all the furnishings like bed, fully operational and equipped kitchen, well fitted bathrooms with accessories etc. It is not like a hotel, where you will have the security all the time. Thus, the chances of getting into the hands of the wrong people are always there. To protect yourself from any such bad experience, it is recommended not to do the booking at a first time flat.