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Emptying the Ballast: How to Streamline a Manufacturing Business to Increase Efficiency


As companies become more and more successful, they find that they also become heavy and unwieldy, unable to react quickly or as flexibly to challenges and sudden changes as they used to. This is because companies hire more people, have more assets and have more complicated processes than are necessary. To streamline companies and make them more effective, drastic measures are necessary. If not, companies will simply become deadweight, unable to deal with their own carcasses.

Re- Structure the Pipeline

Every manufacturing company has a pipeline, the hierarchy of employees all the way from workers on the floor to the CEO in his office. As companies become bigger and more promotions are called for, the executive board may find that the company becomes top heavy: too many directors, executives and managers have been appointed. More than is necessary for a company of your size and employee numbers. That way, there aren’t enough people to do the actual work. So restructure your company’s pipeline so that there are fewer bosses at the top and more people at the bottom – a pyramid. Do this every few years to make sure that the right people have been promoted and/ or fired.

Update the Technology

Every year, new technology is introduced to the field of manufacturing; erp software (Enterprise Resource Management) is one which is fast becoming indispensable to companies because it streamlines so many different things such as client relations, finances and resource management.

This allows employees to use technology to complete tasks that were previously done manually. Manufacturing ERP software is also a great way to get statistics on input, output etc. almost immediately which would usually take weeks to calculate by hand. Also check and install new technology that will make the production process smoother to conserve energy and manpower.

Clear Out the Warehouses

Once a year, do a massive ‘spring cleaning’ that will get rid of unnecessary raw material, old stock and useless assets that may accumulate. After upgrading production processes, you may no longer need manual presses; sell them on to a smaller company, or simply throw them away. Keeping junk in your warehouse that you no longer utilize or even need only increases your deadweight, and takes up space that can be better organized. If you overhaul office furniture; if you change raw material and you have loads of the old stock left over; and if you overproduce and is unable to sell, then a garage sale every year should do the trick. If not, call an auction house.

Tips On Renting Out Or Selling Your House

The best way to earn additional income nowadays is to rent out or sell your unused house. This helps in earning extra income and at the same time one can pay up their own bills. The objective of renting out can be many but when you don’t consider certain important points, things may not move in the right direction as per your planning. Also, you may end up earning less income than the actual market value of the house. Therefore, before you plan to rent out your house, it is important to keep certain things in mind. 

Know the responsibilities of a landlord

The first consideration is to understand if you can handle the responsibilities of a house owner. As a landlord, you should be well versed with lot many things related to your property such as insurance policies, tax related to rent, and many other things. You have to always be there when your tenants need your help and assistance for repair and maintenance issues of your house, and also find a reliable tenant who will pay up the rent on time every month. In order to get the right estimation for the value of your flat, you can refer to some of the building quoting software companies to set the rent amount for potential buyers.

Home preparations

Once you have fixed the cost of the rent through building quoting software in Australia, you can now focus on preparations for tenants or buyers. The expectations of tenants are higher due to the availability of many rental houses today. Get your house cleaned thoroughly and inspect all the items and appliances of the house if they are functioning properly. If you wish to sell some of the existing furniture, you can specify it to the buyers. In addition to cleaning your house, get the walls of the house painted to give it a new and brighter look. When the house is cleaner and brighter, it is more appealing for buyers.

Seek assistance from professionals

Although, renting out your house may seem like an easy job, there are many factors that compel the house owner to seek help from a professional when it comes to rules and regulations of property, tax laws, and tax benefits and so on. A professional from this field can help you know every detail about tax benefits and deductible costs to get qualified for tax deductions. An attorney is important to understand the terms and agreements between the tenant and the landlord.

Look for reliable tenants

Before you finally decide to rent out or sell your house to an interested buyer, you have to investigate regarding the background details such as the identity, place of work, family members, and so on. These checks will come in use to figure out the credibility of the tenant and also to ensure that your house is well kept and taken care of.

The Difference Between A Barrister And A Solicitor

When you hear the term lawyer, you simply think that all are the same. Aha, but don’t be so fooled, much like any profession, there are a number of distinctions among them and one of the most commonly made mistakes is the thought that a barrister and a solicitor is the same. No, no, this is mistake made a by quite a few but today we will be clearing up any doubt you might have had on the matter and make sure that you will not get mixed up again in the future.

First let us clarify what exactly a lawyer is. You might have heard of them; they are what some people call parasites who feed on the weak. Well considering the fact that we are animals and the world we live in is our natural habitat, it is the fittest who survive, so the strongest lawyer might be the one who has the best record. Now a lawyer will handle all your legal affair whether in a private or corporate capacity. They can provide services ranging from setting up private and public trusts, to intellectual property protection in Hong Kong, to divorce settlements to incorporation of companies. Merriam Webster’s defines a lawyer as someone who handles lawsuits or someone who provides advice on legal matters, and that is what he does, he advises. In order to be in a position to so advice, they go through a rigorous training process which can average for about 3-4 years.

Now the distinction between a solicitor arises in the area of their duties. A solicitor is the practitioner who you will first meet. They will hear your problems and will advise you on the best course of action to proceed with whether it is regarding a personal injury claim, intellectual property protection in Hong Kong or even a sale of property transaction. Then depending on the nature of your claim and the facts at hand, they will give instructions to a colleague who will be able to litigate on your behalf, a barrister. Now most solicitors have the capacity to appear in certain lower courts but they rarely have the right of audience to appear in the higher courts unless of course they have been granted the privilege, check this reliable fraud detection services.

Another distinction that is apparent between a solicitor and a barrister is the qualifications. While there are two paths of qualifying under the present law, the academic route and the professional route. For the academic route, one must have a qualifying law degree from a recognised university and for the latter route, one must complete a professional training course which varies for both solicitors and barristers. Then once you have qualified, a barrister must go through pupillage period of 6 months while a solicitor must undergo a training contract period. Upon completion of these period, they become members of the profession and continue to be part of the proud tradition known as lawyers.

Getting A New Job

You have just walked into your office and have barely had time to sit down when your boss sends you an urgent message asking you to meet him at his office immediately. You rush into his office and find another visitor with him. The visitor happens to be your boss’s good friend and has come in search of a person for a job. Your boss sees the puzzled look on your face and tells you that his friend urgently wants a person with suitable qualifications for a job at one of his companies. Your boss also tells you that since you have the required qualifications for the job he wanted to check if you were willing to take up employment at his friend’s company.
Salary increment
Your boss’s friend offers you a salary increment with your new job and you cannot seem to find a way to refuse the offer. So you take up the job and report to work the following day to find that your boss’s friend owns a company that handles nursing home cleaning. You have being entrusted with the job of overlooking the work carried out by the employees and to even visit places where the employees carry out their work and check on what is going on. So you take up the challenge of the supervisor’s post and start getting familiar with the office work. You start checking on the work carried out by the company and realise that you have just joined a reputed company with many years of experience in the field. The company also has also won many service awards for the work carried out by them in the past.
Efficient staff You also find out that the nursing home cleaning company has an efficient staff and keeps a track record of all their clients and even pay them a visit from time to time to check if everything is ok. The company also has a good after hour service where customers can even call them in the night and ask them to come and tidy up a place that has being neglected for many months. You cannot believe the number of calls the company receives on a daily basis with regard to their services and how the staff handle so many places in one day.
Commitment and efficiency
Your new boss tells you that due to the commitment and reliable and efficient service carried out by the company they have managed to keep their clientele intact and even continue to get new clients on a daily basis.

How To Beat The Winter Blues?


In many countries winters can mean long, dreary days when the sun does not shine through or one can catch its glimpse in between the clouds intermittently. This has an effect on our mental health. Strong sunshine is known to help us stay positive and healthy in our minds. Long, bleak days without adequate sunshine are known to cause depression in many people. Here are some ways to beat the blues and seek out ways to have fun in winter.

Opt for outdoor activities

It might be freezing outside, but it would still, do you a world of good to step outside. Usually the time between ten to two in the daytime is the warmest part of the day even during a cold winter month. At such a time you could plan an outdoor activity or simply walk to the grocery store and complete your chores. Meeting friends and visiting fairs or other events during this part of the day will equip you with positive energy to go through the rest of the day. If you have sunshine, it is the perfect time to use a bbq for meals in the backyard.

Join a club

If you have a community club that you have been planning to join, it might be a good time to make that effort now. If you live in a town without family or have a few friends, having a place to go to will help you get your friends along. You have higher chances of meeting neighbors and making new friends if you take part in activities and special events at the club. Start off by joining the gym and making an effort to visit it every day. Most clubs have several events planned during the winter months like electric bbq lunches which can be wonderful to beat the winter blues.

Plan a holiday

If possible, plan to get away from it all. If you can afford it, and the bleakest part of winter in a warmer climate. If you have family or friends in a warmer place, plan to spend Christmas with them. If not, opt for a holiday deal and get away to a beach to enjoy the warmth of balmy weather.

Get involved

Ensure that you have work to occupy your mind when the days are cold and dreary. It is necessary to feel useful and motivated. If there are social or non government initiatives where you could volunteer, that would also be a great help in boosting your mental health. Becoming part of a larger initiative will help you stay motivated to go through the cold days of winter and soon you will find that the worse is behind you.